Cabinets:  Brands and Choices

Choose your Quality and Construction choices


Crystal Keyline  (Face Framed traditional construction)

Traditional Full Custom Cabinets; if we can imagine it with durable finishes and quality construction, we can make it.  Also available with some stock sizes for potential savings.

This is a true Luxury Cabinet line with endless possibilities.  If it can be specified out, Crystal can build it. Modern technology for decades of beautiful finish.    

For a true custom, we are very impressed with this family owned corporation. They do not invest a lot in advertising; their word of mouth and products speak for themselves. 


Crystal is best!   Here is sample of one of our custom Bath cabinets in Boerne, TX.


Frameless cabinets  by  Crystal      ENCORE / Quest         

Euro full access modern Full Custom Cabinets.

If we can imagine it with durable finishes and quality construction, we can make it. 

Also available with some stock sizes for a savings.


 Current  by Crystal  

Traditional framed 

or Frameless 



Semi-Custom Cabinets  the Euro "full access" modern look  (often less cost than framed)


--- Semi- Custom:  Same great Quality in Full access cabinets or "frameless/ Euro cabinets"  ---

For Budget conscious :  Try the "Current"  Cabinets These come in Semi-Custom limited colors and do not mix and match with the rest of the cabinets lines. *** Note: Completely new color selection and door selection.







***********   for Luxury cabinets or a bit of whimsy:

May wish Jayne (or "SoKo" as it was previously known) for luxury accent pieces or for all of the knobs






Showplace Wood Cabinets

Beginning in 1999, Showplace Wood Products has been one of the fastest growing cabinetry brands in America.  They offer a variety of unique cabinet styles in several sizes and finishes. 

Pictured are cabinets in a cherry finish. 

As an approved participant in the Environmental Stewardship Program of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, they are committed to protecting the global environment and conserving natural resources by consistently implementing environmentally responsible technologies and processes.

Great Product with all wood cabinet box!   Great Value for your home! 

We are doing refacing for your kitchen cabinets thru the Showplace RENEW program!  Please call Mary at Katy Kitchen for more details.

Their "Murphy" beds or Hide-a-bed in the wall type beds are so very fun!!! Check this out for that guest bedroom that also serves another purpose for office, sewing, exercise, etc.





    Ready to Assemble. Products - check out the new products.... as availability changes...

   These are not American Made like the cabinets that Katy Kitchen & Bath has for their American or custom lines


yet these are all wood and at the lower cost for those with more limited budgets. 


Let us know if you need us to assemble or to reduce the depth on these for an added cost. 


(Sometimes things come up where we can not buy

      the quality or Country of Origin that we wish.

   That is when it is good to have other options!!)


.-------------      -------------

Outdoor cabinets are available from "Crystal" and  "In and Out". 

 on OutDoor Kitchens.



Ask to incorporate Universal Design into your designs for your home.  


Then whether you have young children or Great Aunt Ethel coming to visit or stay,

      You are all finding the layout usable for function as well as beauty!




Jeffrey Alexander or Hardware Resources- 


Island pieces are available -  as stand alone pieces of Furniture for that Big Empty space.



Let us custom design one to match your whole new kitchen - with or without wheels.

  We can even set aside a space to tuck it under your countertops for DUAL use .  Open area for sit down work, and cart to use near another area of kitchen... when you need that extra countertop area near the sink or cooktop, Just for the hour!








Link to other "House"  brands ... changes from time to time. 















Overview of Katy Kitchen Cabinetry ideas 101:


 Whether you are building a new home or just want to update the one you have, Katy Kitchen & Bath can help you design a luxurious, space efficient kitchen environment.

We sell mostly Pre-built Cabinets from Semi-custom to Full Custom Cabinets. They have a better finish than the "skilled craftsman" can build you from his table saw, many of those will only last 1 to 7 years

They have better finishes that will last you for over 20 years with proper maintenance and cleaning, much like the new wonderful pre-finished flooring with limited warrantees of 20 to 30 years.

 It looks better when we install these cabinets, many installs "by others" or the home owner are done poorly, sometimes even voiding the warranty. We have sold cabinets with "others to install" then often get called out to tear-out and install the cabinets from the "others" doing so badly.



 Plan for Universal design, from young family to when there are many great grandchildren!

While we are assisting you in remodeling your kitchen we could order the Bath, Entertainment room or Office cabinets or build in that special Niche to compliment your kitchen. We can make those places look like furniture with curved fronts for the Bath or Elegant Enkoball designs for the old world look you are desiring. We can even design, plan out the details and get your "Out-Door Kitchen" Materials to be installed close to the same time as your indoor kitchen.

If you run a little over your planned budget or need time to get your funds together, talk to Mary Roberts about the financing that is "available with your good credit ! "


These are the first step to getting you a quote:

1) Need to know the Species or materials of construction

2) Colors of stain, outdoor cab color or paint color depending on the cabinets

3) Need to know the door style selected

4) Most helpfull for you to select the quality range that you desire. 

5) The style of your home/area to remodel is important.

6) Value of your home/budget are important considerations to select the remodeling materials that may be expected in your home when you go to sell your home.  Investment in your home and the return on your investment may differ depending value of your home and your neighbors homes.



This is a major concern to me-- I would like to see that when a clients invests this kind of money in the cabinetry that they get a beautiful install as well as beautiful materials for their investment.

There is a large difference between jobsite and pre-built fully custom manufactured cabinets built to their specification, construction and finish with a baked on finish.

Let us show you our extensive selection of Kitchen cabinets and countertops, flooring and unusual hardware to give your Kitchen the unique elegance you require.