We do Green Demo, Cabinets, Countertops, Splash, Lighting, etc.

We are more green than I suspected in our remodeling....

A Sunday School teacher came into our office needing resources for how people can be Green in Remodeling.  As we started the list and gave her possible props; WOW.  We were surprised at how long the list became.


Demo - recycle old cabinets to garage or others less fortunate when we can

                          Often times the job site built or "custom" cabinets come apart at the seams upon demo

                          Depends on construction and stability of the products

We do our best to use long lasting materials for construction with no need to renovate again for decades.

When available we work to keep the Air Quality better in your home, 

              Cabinets: less formaldehyde out-gassing with the use of Crystal Cabinets

              Tile showers, floors, and splash: less change of Mold or Mildew with anti-microbial materials we frequently use 

              Tile showers, floors and splash: No use of Mastics for applying tile in your home since it grows mold

The shavings or trimmings from the cabinets are often composted into the soil.

Wood shavings are collected for agricultural bedding.

The Cabinets from Crystal have an option of being constructed of AgriCore which uses Agricultural stalks and plant materials to make a special Option for cabinet construction. 

Some of the countertops are made of recycled glass or ground up leftovers from the granite mine processing.

Lighting:   LED for display or for General lighting,  Low Voltage lighting for MR16 lamps (bulbs) and Florescent

We try to buy products made Local or made in the USA and save on Shipping cost.  You make the choices.