Mary RobertsTestimony

My life story

My life story may be too personal, funny or uncomfortable for some.

Please proceed with Caution:


The following outline is to limit the exposure (yours and mine) and possibly give hope or mentally give a hand up for someone else in a similar situation.  (later I will expand on this outline with more details in links) 

 I did none of this by myself, God was carrying me -  All the while:

1.)  How  I was raised: Happy and innocent.   Loved the Farm life I grew up with. . . "Jesus loves the little children,..."

2.)  My love of God at 8 through 13:  Through my parents divorce. Thoughts of Suicide at 13:   Never felt good enough.

3.)  Triumph at 13 with Faith in Christ  as a baby Christian.       I mostly liked me then, I wanted to please all the people arount me, and Please & Praise God.  Thought that God would change my Fiance' and then Husband. Can't force Grace.   It just wasn't working to please everyone.....!    My mother tried the same thing, to please all around her.

4.) Then at 30, found I can't stop others attitudes and anger .  I did work on my attitude and decided to be happy,  I decided I liked me again, just like before 8 yr. old.     ****  Fresher with my renewed faith in God.  ****

5.)  From 18 to 40, every day was walking on eggshells for 24 yrs; Quiet prayers for change one day at a time. Innocent faith that things were going to get better.  but they did not -- yet...

6.) Daily growing bouts of depression, with extreme highs and lows,  was my  foe: Then I got tired of being tired.

My life awakening solo trip by Harley Davidson Motorcyle. I left home when less than one mile from my home,  a severe thunder storm came and I was having my hair stand up an my arms and over ankle deep in blinding rain with that thick lightening you see in western plains of Nebraska or Wyoming....  On this trip, God gave me a calm in the storm of my life, and prepared me for what was to come.   Later,  I knew God had a plan for my life and I was eager and confident in him through my human fears.   and I had LOTS of fears.

7.) Jan 19, 1997 Daughter's nose bloodied by father, moved 1100 miles and seemed like end of my life.  Moved to Texas that week and started over.   Life got better -  LOTS better.    The quality of life became calmer and wholesome.  In Nov 1998 bought a home as a "single mom" and moved ahead one day at a time.

8.) Hard times and a fall.   But when I came across some hard times, and could not keep up with finances, compromised my values by live-in boyfriend to make ends meet.  My words and actions did not agree.  I was troubled.  I had christian friends that helped my with my emotional awareness that God was not letting his Word be bent for  "good" reasons.    I had to make his Word and my life agree and be right with God.   I had to do what is right and be wholesome again.   I made myself right with God.   In my weakness, God made me strong.   I believe.   

9.) Business startup 9-10-2001.  I chose to start my own business with God's push. Afraid but moved ahead with God's help though my fears.

10) Married Aug 2002.  Husband did not work with me for a year.  Did not want to ruin a great marriage!   In 2003 some sub-contractors let me down. We found we worked well together.  In summer of 2006, built a home  for us and workshop for Vern, on native Texas Prairie.

11) In Oct 2006 my Father had two anyurisms (like strokes in the brain) with leaking blood in the brain.  I left my business for months,  and lost my step-mother,  who raised us, between Dec 25th and Jan 2007.   I was angry at GOD that my Father was not well enough to see the love and affection she showed all of us, and the first interaction in years!!! during those two months before she died. I wanted him to see the smiles and how she watched with warm eyes as we moved in and about the room. The Kisses and love she showed even with alzheimer's disease advanced for 9 yrs... Cried non-stop for six months, then in April I got tired of the hurt and got tired and angry of being sad!   

  • Reconfirmed my commitment to Aging in Place. 
  • Other people need to be home ASAP!  

12) Digging my way out of Debt from cost over-runs on our home 2006,  Spring of 2007 with Dad's prolonged illness, Medical expenses from 2008 - kidney stones (ouch!) and youngest Daughter entering college & at the dorms in Fall of 2007 Thru all of 2012. 

13) Following Gods lead (1), like the twelve disciples (12)           

  • Helping others though Angel Food Ministies, then Like Manna from Heaven thru MAF
  • Though our work in caring for others in our remodeling business
  • Prayed for biblical training in finances in fall 2008 (Nari National shared some wonderful tools with me Business by the Book  -- (learning even more now in Jan 2009 -Also through Though treasurer work in the church  near 1093 & Hwy 36  Wallis United Methodist Church  or, 123 Birch, Wallis TX  77485)
  • Community Bible Study studies on Thursdays from Sept 2001 to present  --->

14) Working long days, carving out Church and Family time and quiet time.   God will help us all as sisters and brothers in Christ.  We are all family.  Pray for our larger family in Christ   see   God never said it would be easy.  He did say he would never leave us. 

He also told us to : Love your Neighbor and Love your enemies.     see


15) Continued