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Electrical Underfloor Heating System

Electrical underfloor heating systems are easy to mount on the wedi® Building Panel and downward heat loss is prevented, making the heating system noticeably more effective.


wedi® Building Panels on Tub Walls

Because of its waterproof nature, the wedi® Building Panel is the natural choice for use in wet areas. wedi® Building Panels can be applied directly to studs or over gypsum products to create a waterproof substrate for tile and also can be used on tub decks and backsplashes to quickly place tub surrounds. The material can easily be scored and shaped to provide radius surfaces on tub skirts and does not scratch tubs or fixtures during installation.

The dimensions of the wedi® Building Panels make for quick installations in standard five foot tubs. Laid horizontally, the sheet will span the full five foot length of the tub. At the head and foot of the tub, the panel is secured to the wall vertically - where the three foot width provides the perfect dimension for a tile-ready tub surround. The wedi® Building Panel may be notched for the flange of a tub to provide a plumb and even surface for tiled walls.




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