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 I intend to live more Deliberately !!!!.!.  .   .  

I would love to share what has been so special in a "GOD Moment" with you sometime....   I have recieved comfort and lots of prayer after my recent scare with Cancer and Kidney stones.

I used the Essential Oils Desk Reference                     

(See link below) as my guide and tried them by smelling and on my feet if book says for topical use for that oil... some oils will require mixing with Grape seed oil or Olive oil  (food grade only - and make sure they come in a glass bottle)

Less is more for the Oils....  when comfortable you may then ramp up to the books instruction, later after you see how your body responds.  Some use a tooth pick for less than a drop of application, or in foods,  and some can use diluted or "neat" topically using the "per drop" instructions in a recipe. 


We are all wonderfully made by God and will have differing experiences and backgrounds.   

To order them for yourself you may follow the link:


---> Mary ~ sponser/ refering member # 1168577



Read Rev 22:2  and see if this has any special meaning in your life after using the Young Living oils.

Here are the other links to Youngliving Oil books that I promised to so many of you...



Essential Oils Desk Reference – THE how to manual when it comes to
learning about essential oils and essential oil enhanced products.
This book is YL product specific.
Comes in full size, pocket size and CD for

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Naturally minded people who choose to take responsibility for their health may benefit from the information,


but if you are ill or injured you should seek the advice of your choosen health professional.

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